We have a new sanctuary roof!

Thanks to the generous support of our members and the hard work that was done by our roofing contractor, Interstate Roofing, MPC has a new roof on it’s sanctuary. The roofing portion of the project took six days to complete. The five-man crew that did the roof are all brothers and worked together like a “well oiled machine,” according to Dennis Zerba, our manager for the project. All of the…Keep Reading

Presbyterian maestro celebrates 20 years of keeping things fresh

Ray McKean and his wife, Amy, are two members of the Southwest Portland community whose musical gifts have touched hundreds of lives. This year, Ray McKean celebrates his 20th anniversary as the director of music at Southwest Portland’s Multnomah Presbyterian Church. Over the past 20 years, church services at Multnomah Presbyterian have been characterized by a strong musical program with a diverse range — traditional and modern hymns, jazz, folk,…Keep Reading

Alaska Reflections

When I first heard about the first mission to Alaska, I wondered: what is this about? Why go to Alaska? Is this worthwhile? It didn’t involve building houses, nor serving in a “foreign” place, as I was accustomed to. As I learned about it, and my oldest son (who had also gone to Mexico to build houses and help out at an orphanage), returned from the first trip with good…Keep Reading